Why do you not offer fixed prices?

5 September, 2017 | Written by: moveage

We try to offer you the best possible service at the lowest possible price and this is only possible with hourly rates.

Anyone who provides a fixed price on relocations estimates the hours the move would under normal circumstances take (e.g. the customer is prepared and ready to go, no serious traffic issues, no unforeseen access problems, especially at the destination) and then includes a significant buffer of approximately 25-50% just in case something doesn’t go to plan. In 90% of all moves everything goes to plan, however a fixed quote will ALWAYS incorporate a significant margin for error/ the worst case scenario and will therefore ALWAYS be more expensive than if you are charged on an hourly rate. We believe in charging for services actually provided and keeping costs to a minimum.

If you have a fixed quote from a reputable competitor – send it through to us and we will beat it by 10% – we still think the hourly rate will end up cheaper for you!

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