1. Use a moving Checklist

Start getting organised early! You can view our Moving Checklist here.

2. Dispose of items you haven’t used or worn for over 2 years BEFORE your move

Sounds logical but many people pack, move and then when unpacking get rid of no longer needed items. Do it the other way around! Don’t pay for moving and possibly storage for items that you no longer need. Call Vinnies 1300 551 894 or 13 SALVOS (13 72 58) and ask for a pick-up from your home.

3. Measure all doorways and furniture

Make sure all furniture will fit through doorways and into their designated space before purchasing new items and sell or donate items that will not fit into your new home.

4. Write on the tape on your cartons, not the cartons themselves

Remove the tape and sell the cartons on gumtree after your move!

5. Use removalist quality packing materials

You really don’t want the bottom of your boxes falling out! Also, if you are using good quality tape and cartons the tape comes off quite nicely and it won’t rip apart your cartons so you can sell them after your move in near new condition.

6. Use plain packing paper, not newspaper to wrap fragile items – newspaper stains – badly!

It doesn’t just stain your kitchenware and fragile items but also your hands – now imagine leaving dark fingerprints everywhere in your new home. Use proper packing paper and there won’t be any need to renovate straight after moving in!

7. Use Port a Robes – also called Wardrobe Boxes

Hang items straight from your wardrobe into the box and from the box straight into your new wardrobe – No folding, no wrinkled clothes! And put your shoes in the bottom of the Port a Robe! Absolute time and space saver!

8. Use standard sized removals carton to box up your belongings that are properly sealed

Don’t use odd shaped little boxes, suitcases and especially not all sorts of small bags and laundry baskets. Removalist can stack and move up to 5 boxes on one trolley and can stack them tightly and safely on top of each other in the truck. This will speed up your move (remember you pay by the hour), save space in the truck and will prevent breakages!

9. Take photos of the cabling and connection setup for all your electronics

so you know how to reconnect them at your destination. Use cable binders to hold together all cables for each object so nothing gets mixed up or tangled and place in a safe spot/priority box.

10. When dismantling furniture and play equipment...

…put all screws and bolts for each item onto some packing tape and then place it into a ziplock bag. Label all bags clearly and place them in a safe spot/priority box.